Best Floating Pool Lights

Floating Pool Lights Reviews

If you like swimming in the dark and want some nice, warm light, you can put your money at stake with some nice, colorful or white floating pool lights. They don’t just warm up the atmosphere, but also increase the safety when swimming when there is no natural light. You don’t have to pay much for them and they sure make a special impression to the eye.

The market gives you many types of floating pool lights and, no matter their color; they offer various functionality, helping you to give your swimming pool a one-of-a-kind feeling.

If you care a lot about your spending and the environment, a good option would the solar floating pool lights that typically come inside a clear globe that gets sunlight throughout the day. The globe lights up at night so it’s easy for you to see in the swimming pool. You simply lay them in the water and let it float during the day.

The globe is the most popular shape for the floating pool lights, but you may find other various models. You may get creative and combine various colors, or stick with the more simple, yet effective, color combinations. Keep in mind that you may also get floating lights that can continuously change between various colors.

The more you’re willing to pay for your floating pool lights, the more features they present. You may find lights that are able to create a water fountain or project lights underwater in various patterns/colors, while they’re floating atop the water.

You can use the floating pool lights for many things, from creating a romantic mood, to improving a wedding or simply entertaining your family and friends.

Floating pool lights come with LED lights, which are safe and quite durable. They don’t need battery all the time and their colors don’t fade out easily.

Don’t worry about your safety when using the Led floating lights. Their light is harmless and there are no toxic chemicals in them.

Additionally, if you have a pet, the floating pool lights may be a great way to train and play with them.

Easy to use, safe and great for impression, the floating pool lights always bring a nice vibe to any swimming pool.

TOP 5 Floating Pool Lights Reviews

1).  When you’re going for the romantic effect, don’t be shy and give it a go with the Valentine’s Day Flameless Candles.

The set includes rose-shaped flameless floating candles that glow in 7 beautiful colors: blue, red, pink, green, purple, and teal.

The lights work very easy and are ready to use right out of the box. They simply light up when placed into water, but do come with an auto off feature.

The floating lights have a decent build and are able to create a nice atmosphere with no heat/smoke or messy cleanup. They are waterproof and hold up for quite some time. You need button batteries for operating the lights.

The lights are small and cute and you may need more than a set for a typical swimming pool. They look great in the water and not only float, they also blink.

Here are the things we like the most on the lights:
  • The floating lights are rose-shaped
  • They glow in 7 pretty colors
  • They are small and cute
  • The lights are waterproof and use button batteries

The cons aren’t major:
  • They don’t come with instruction
  • You do need more than a set for a swimming pool

Despite the cons, for the pretty looks and amazing impression, they are a good bang for your buck.

2).  Pretty and looking so real, the LOGUIDE 12pcs Firefly Trendy Hip Unique Waterproof Floating LED Lotus Lights manage to bring a fun vibe to any pond or swimming pool.

The lights simulate very well lotus and dragonfly, as they are made of polyester silk. They are soft, flexible and comfortable and the dragonflies are transparent.

The lights alternate their 7 colors and it’s so nice to enjoy the colors through the transparent dragonflies. The lotus are variously colored though, but combine together with the dragonflies so nicely. If you’re determined, you can ask for a customization of the floating lights.

The lights are waterproof and don’t include wax. They are easy to take care of and you don’t have to clean them. They are also safe to use in water or rain. You may also use them indoor, if that’s your liking.

Every lotus comes with battery that is easy to replace when in need.

The floating lights look nice and are so versatile. You may use them for your swimming pool on daily basics, but also for a special occasion.

The vibrant colors and soft light make these pretty floating lights a nice option to warm up (and light up) your swimming pool.

Going over the main features shortly:
  • The set includes transparent dragonflies and variously colored lotus lights
  • The dragonflies light up in 7 colors
  • The lights are waterproof and easy to use
  • They are pretty and come for a great price

The minor flaws don’t bother us:
  • The batteries may pop out when you’re not being careful
  • They are a bit smaller than expected

Bright, silky and so realistic looking, the floating lights are a fun choice to keep in mind when in need.

3).  For those of you who are interested in efficient, simple, floating lights for their swimming pool, a fairly priced option is the Intex Floating LED Pool Light, Battery Powered.

The floatable lights are great for any above ground pool up to 18’ and manage to light up nicely a fun, pleasant evening with your family and friends.

One thing we really like about the lights is their versatility as they present three different function modes: floodlight, 3-color changer and the last one that combines the first two modes. The lights are easy to use and you only can switch between modes with just a touch of a button.

The floating lights come with a durable plastic encasing and take the intense use. They are very easy to use and don’t require any installation.

You need 4 AAA batteries for the lights and it’s better to go with rechargeable ones if you like to spend your nights in the swimming lights. The lights should run around 2 hours but the auto shut-off makes things so much easier for you.

You may need 2 or 3 of these to light up a regular sized swimming pool. If the low LED lights are pretty bright, the colored LEDs are bit less bright.

Well-made and bright, the floating lights are both functional and nice.

Here are the things we like the most:
  • The floating lights have plastic encasement
  • They are bright and come with 3 function modes
  • It’s easy to use them
  • They have auto shut-off

The downsides aren’t such a bummer:
  • They are a tad small
  • The colored LEDs could be brighter

All in all, for a very good price, you get some simple, yet efficient floating lights that do what you need in swimming pool: to bring some light in the evening.

4).  When you want to bring not only light, but also lots of fun to your down-by-the pool parties, a fun and colorful option to try is the Main Access 13″ Ellipsis Pool/Spa Waterproof Color Changing Floating LED Light.

The 13-inch ellipsis LED light is waterproof and manages to light up and bring some energetic vibe to any evening party. It not only provides the right amount of light, but it works as a decoration ball by the tool. You may also use it as a toy and toss it around since it has a very good build that handles the movement. It’s supposed to be indestructible, which increases its versatility.

Even though it has a tough construction, the light is lightweight and it’s easy to move/toss around.

Apart from its versatility and portability, we also notice the 4 illumination modes and the 24 various color options that truly satisfy the pickiest customer. The light is easy to use and it’s not difficult at all to switch between modes since the ball comes with a wireless, responsive remote control.

The light presents a weatherproof and waterproof design so not only you may use it in your swimming pool, but even leave it outside on a rainy night.

The light has a flat bottom so it has a good stability. It charges fast and it’s easy to connect it to the charger. It floats nice and well and looks very nice on a patio, if that’s your liking.

The ellipsis is solid, not fragile at all and the plastic is smooth, for a cleaner appearance.

Impressive, the ellipsis sure is worth every single penny.

Here are our favorite parts on the light:
  • The ellipsis is 13-inch big
  • It has a flat bottom so it stands and floats very well
  • It charges fast and it’s easy to connect to charger
  • It comes with 4 illumination modes and 24 different color options that are easy to switch in between thanks to the wireless remote control
  • It’s weatherproof, waterproof, solid and lightweight

Bells and whistles aside, here are the cons:
  • It’s not solar
  • You may need at least 3 of them for the best effect

Nevertheless, for all of its great qualities, we totally forget about the downsides and write it down on the shopping list.

Not everyone likes the warm, sitting by the pool experience and many of you out there do like to really party by the swimming pool.

5).  If you’re ready to step up your game and get a lot more than some simple floating lights, put your trust and faith in something like eXtreme Floating Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker System & Party Multi Color Light Show.

For the price of one, you get both a Bluetooth speaker and a party multi-color light show that brings to life any regular evening. Additionally, the speaker and the lights are water resistant and highly versatile. You may hang it on the wall, let it float on water or simply lay it on a flat surface. This gives the system amazing versatility and portability.

You may easily control the unit with your Bluetooth device or use the controls on system for adjusting various functions: volume, song advancement, power, lighting color and function. You get to use 8 color modes and switch between the lighting as well, for more versatility.

The unit is easy to connect to your iPhone or Android Smartphone/ tablet. The list of good things doesn’t end up here and you may actually connect 2 Party OMO units together thanks to the Dual Device Pairing feature.

The IPX waterproofness grade of the unit allows safe use in the swimming pool and even submersing to 1 meter, for less than 30 minutes.

The unit uses a rechargeable 10,800-mAh Li polymer battery that ensures more than 8 hours of use. When you turn on the volume to max, the unit runs for around 5 hours.

You may use OMO without the speaker, for a more calming atmosphere.

The OMO provides good quality sound, volume, and such a nice light. The suction cups holds very well and the unit is easy to install. It’s also easy to sync and has a durability feel.

Let’s pinpoint the main pros:
  • the unit is waterproof and highly versatile
  • you may hang it/ let it flow or simply lay it down
  • the sound and volume are great
  • it’s easy to sync the unit

The minor issues aren’t essential at all:
  • the suction cup holds too well in some situations
  • the charging cable is a tad short

As you can see, the downsides are totally worthless when you take a look at the whole picture: a versatile, fun and reliable unit that lights up and brings to life any party by the pool.

6). If you’re planning a party any time soon and want to give a fun and colorful vibe, don’t hesitate to give it a go with the Set of 12 Mood Light Garden Deco Balls (Light Up Orbs) With Two 5-Packs of Spare Replacement Batteries by MicroTronixx.

Set of 12 Mood Light Garden Deco Balls (Light Up Orbs) With Two 5-Packs of Spare Replacement Batteries by MicroTronixx. review

Don’t let the price offset you right from the start as, by the end of the day, you’re going to realize the great bargain that you’re getting. The set includes light-up LED orbs that take both the indoor and the outdoor use. They have a 3” diameter which is quite enough for give a little color and sparkle to your pool.

The deco balls are water resistant so you shouldn’t worry at all about using them for creating a nice atmosphere for your pool.

The versatility of the balls is amazing and they present 9 different settings that create exactly the feel you want for your party. You can switch between the 7 steady glowing colors, so the only thing left is to let your imagination flow.

Easy to operate, the deco balls are long lasting and give such a beautiful light. Fun and well-made, they can definitely set up the mood for your party by the pool anytime.

Here’s what we like the most about them:
  • The set includes 12 deco balls (light up orbs)
  • They take both the indoor and the outdoor use
  • They’re water resistant
  • They’re easy to operate and versatile

Don’t let some minor downsides change your mind:
  • One may find tricky to take the batteries in
  • The price may seem a bit high to some

Nevertheless, for the versatility, durability and all the fun they bring to any place, the deco balls are a sure “yes” whenever you want to step up your game with some floating pool lights.

7). When you’re determined to go solar for illuminating your pool, put your trust and faith in the GAME 9015-04 GalaxyGLO Large Solar-Powered Waterproof 5 Color Changing Globe.

GAME 9015-04 GalaxyGLO Large Solar-Powered Waterproof 5 Color Changing Globe. review

The set includes 4 globes that are solar powered and 100% waterproof. The globes are highly versatile and you can choose from the 5 colors to set up a specific mode for your pool. Every single charge is going to ensures 6 hours run time and the balls hold their charge pretty well.

The globes have a good size for creating a nice impact on any pool. The diameter is 11” so the decorating lights are going to look good everywhere you’d place them. They’re not only good for floating in the pool, but also for some backyard decoration or parties. You get to switch between solid red, green, blue, auto color changing or the classic white.

The unit comes with a remote control so you may change the color at any time, just the way you want time.

The balls are a good build and they present a satin white finish and long lasting LED lights. They even take a windy day, remaining in place in winds up to 35mile per hour. They have an UV resistant coating so they’re going to take the use for quite some time.

The installation is easy and there are no attachments to worry about. They come with a User Manual, but the use is pretty intuitive.

Let’s list the main positive things:
  • The pack includes 4 large deco balls
  • They’re solar powered and have 11” diameter
  • They’re 100% waterproof
  • They come with 5 color modes and take a windy day

Don’t let the inherent flaws stand in your way when deciding:
  • One may find a set isn’t enough for his/her big pool
  • The price tag may be a deal breaker for some

All in all, for their good build, versatility and efficiency, you should spend the extra buck and give an elegant and beautiful feel to your pool with this set of solar lights.

8). Versatile and easy to display wherever you want in your backyard or your pool, the INNOKA 19.68-inch Waterproof Rechargeable Floating Glow Ball is going to make a great impact every time.

INNOKA 19.68-inch Waterproof Rechargeable Floating Glow Ball review

The light up LED ball set up the feel to any atmosphere and looks amazing indoor and outdoor as well. It’s entirely waterproof and its IP68 waterproof rating takes any worry away when leaving it out in the rain. It’s a floating glow ball that comes with several color and effect settings.

The remote controller is going to help you switch nice and easy through the various colors and modes. You can go with fade, flash, smooth and strobe, according to your likings. You can also adjust brightness so it’s you to decide how much light you have on your pool.

The design is well thought out and the ball comes with a built-in metal hanging hook, giving you the option of suspending it in specific situations. The ball also comes with a grass take that is easy to attach for securely fasten the ball into the ground. Let’s not forget the light stand which gives you the chance to use the light as a home desk lamp, if that’s your need.

The ball comes with a durable 2200mAh rechargeable battery that ensures 12 hours of run time for just one charge.

Incredibly versatile and reliable, the floating ball is a good investment of your money any given day.

Let’s focus on the good parts:
  • The ball may be used in various situations, not only for floating
  • It’s 100% waterproof
  • You may change the color settings and the brightness
  • It’s durable and comes with a battery that holds its charge for 12 hours

The minor issues don’t worry us much:
  • It’s not a cheap floating light
  • One may find it tricky to use in the beginning

As the good outweighs the bad, you should give the light a try next time you’re determined to invest for your pool.

9). Sometimes, floating pool lighting isn’t enough for your pool and you want to add a bit more, for a more dramatic effect. If that’s your case, we see no reason for which you shouldn’t try the Ocean Mist MAGIC POND FLOATING FOUNTAIN PJ2000-6C.


The pond floating fountain has a colorful display with blue, red and green lights, that turn your pool in the main center of attention for good. The fountain looks impressive especially at night. It comes with automatic light color changing feature, so you don’t even have to worry about changing the colors.

The floating fountain comes with 6 clusters of LEDs, each cluster with 60 LEDs, which gives a total of 360 lights for the fountain. The light ring is 5in tall and has a 19in diameter.

The trumpet nozzle gives a fountain spray that is around 6ft wide and 8ft. tall. As for the 3 tier nozzle’s spray, that’s about 7ft. wide and 9ft. tall.

The fountain comes with a submersible pump with a pre-filter box. The pump is highly energy efficient as it uses only 190 watts. It runs on 120V AC. The light ring also comes with a 120V transformer.

Both the floating light ring and the pump come with a 33ft. power cord.

The fountain presents a good build and has a durability feel to it. It looks amazing and eliminates dullness from your pull for good.

What we like the most about it:
  • It comes with an energy efficient pump
  • It has a good build and it feels durable
  • It looks amazing at night
  • It comes with automatic color changing feature

The minor flaws can’t change our mind:
  • You need to be the handy type for installing it
  • It doesn’t fall in the “affordable” floating pool lights category for sure

Having said that, for the impressive effect and durable build, you should take the plunge and change for good the atmosphere in your pool with this floating fountain.

10). For those of you who are trying to create a natural and soothing vibe for their pond/pool, a beautiful option is going to be Master Craft Products SD0214 Floating Color Changing Water Lily.

Master Craft Products SD0214 Floating Color Changing Water Lily. review

The floating water lily LED light is incredibly beautiful and looks so nice throughout the night. The LED is very bright and the light is gradually changing the colors. You don’t need a remote control, the floating water lily LED light is incredibly beautiful and looks so nice throughout the night. The LED is very bright and the light is gradually changing the colors. The flower goes through the rainbow color lights, whereas it floats soothing and calming.

You don’t need a remote control; you simply place it in the pool.

The floating light comes with a waterproof battery case so no worries about the light not taking the use in the pool. It’s battery operated, so there are no cords that you need to attach. The battery runs for 72 hours straight.

Beautiful and so easy to use, the floating flower is a nice addition to any pool.

Here are our favs about it:
  • It’s a beautiful flower
  • It looks amazing at night, but also during the day
  • It has color changing cycles
  • It’s easy to use and to install

The cons aren’t major:
  • It’s not the cheapest option out there
  • The packaging could be improved

Nevertheless, the flower floating light looks nice and takes the use for a good amount of time, so you should give it a go for adding a natural vibe to your pool.