Best Outdoor Solar Lights

Best Outdoor Solar Lights

Installing solar lights for the outdoors is both a wise and a fun way to illuminate your residence at night. Apart from this, you may even enjoy the new electricity bill, as it’s a true fact: using solar lights is cheaper than conventional lighting!

Which type of outdoor solar lights to use?

There are many of options out there when it becomes known for the outdoors and what you get relates a lot with your needs and likes. It’s one thing when you want to use solar lights for security reasons and a different story when you want to create a nice, romantic atmosphere for your pool party.

No matter the reason for using solar lights, it’s good to know that the market gives you a great variety of shapes, sizes and brightness and it’s you to decide which one work best for a specific situation.

You may get pretty and subtle string lights for a calming atmosphere on your pathway, but also get brighter spotlights for keeping the intruders at distance. Don’t forget about your pool, as there are plenty of waterproof models out there that bright up the things when sitting by the pool.

What to look for?

When you get outdoor solar lights, the build is one of the most important things to check. You want your solar lights to handle a drop or some rain, and not to overheat as well.

Take a look at the solar panels also and keep in mind that the larger they are, the more efficient they are in charging the battery. Now that we’re on it, the battery should hold their charge and take the durability test also.

As for the style, feel free to choose whatever fits better your residence. The market is generous that way.


TOP 10 Outdoor Solar Lights

1).  When you’re looking to create a fun, warm feel in your garden, don’t hesitate to try some string lights. Additionally, if you don’t want to pay much either, a very good choice would be the AMIR Solar Powered String Lights, 100 LED Copper Wire Lights.

The solar string lights come with 100LED lights and add a nice, warm light to your outdoor area. The 33ft. copper wire is high quality, whereas the 360-degree viewing angle illuminates in all direction and gives constant light. The string lights are highly versatile, changing for the good any gate, patio or tree.

The copper wire is flexible so it’s easy to set the light strings as you want. The wire is also durable and the bobbin winder keeps everything around nice and clean. Even though it’s thin, the wire doesn’t tangle easy and the lights are easy to store.

The lights features switch button (power on/off) and are very easy to install and to use. They give two operating modes (steady or flashing) and present automatic-off feature as well. The conversion rate is high and the lights are eco-friendly.

The string lights are made for the outdoor use as they are water resistant and the IP65 waterproof degree makes them safe to use on a rainy day.

The light is warm and nice and it’s impossible not to like their looks.

Here are the things we like the most on the lights:
  • The wire is flexible and durable
  • The lights look nice and create a nice atmosphere
  • It’s easy to install and to use the lights
  • The lights are well made and waterproof

The cons aren’t major:
  • The wire is a tad thin
  • The string lights could be bigger altogether

Even so, for the buck you pay the string lights still make it as a fun, pretty option to warm up your outdoors.

2).  The Litom 24 LED Solar Lights Outdoor, Super Bright Motion Sensor Lights Wide Angle are definitely the best choice for anyone looking for securing the outdoors, without paying too much.

The light features 3LEDs on both sides, which makes them brighter and more efficient. You may easily use the light for illuminating your deck, garden or pathway. The wide-angle design offers bigger coverage of the light. The lighting angle reaches a maximum of 270 degrees so you may sleep better at night.

As most solar lights out there, the Litom 24 LED don’t need wiring for installation either. It’s far more important though where you install them, as you do want them to get best sunlight exposure, for better and faster charger.

Another great thing on the light is the adjustability and you may use one of the three operating modes, according to your needs. It’s better to use the reduced light mode for your driveway and the full on for the front door. Don’t hesitate to use the motion-detected mode for the garage, though.

The motion sensor is reliable and sensitive and presents a maximum range distance of 26ft. for better results, keep in mind to place it at 5.6-6.6 high.

The build of the light makes a good impression also and we notice the ABS material that takes high impact. The light is also IP65 waterproof graded, taking a splash or two.

Tough, bright, adjustable and dependable, the light may serve you well for quite some time.

Pinpointing the main pros:
  • The lights has a rugged build and it’s waterproof
  • The light is adjustable and has three operating modes
  • It’s easy to install and use the light
  • It’s great for securing various outdoor areas

All in all, for the rugged build, bright adjustable light and versatility, you shouldn’t miss on the lights when shopping around.

3).  For those of you who want a solar light to secure the outdoors, a fairly priced and dependable option is definitely the Mpow Solar Lights, 2-Pack 8 LED Bright Solar Powered Security Lights.

The solar lights feature automatic motion sensor and come with a long list of features. They present three operating modes: strong, dim light sensor mode, and strong light sensor mode so that you may choose the right setting for different situations. Additionally, they turn on automatically in the evening and turn off once the sun has risen.

The lights include 8 LEDs that give bright light, whereas the sensor motion saves the energy, increasing the efficiency.

The built-in motion detector is large and the sensor ball head is quite big.

As for the solar panel, we notice it’s effective and is able to charge the battery even after only 3 hours of direct sunlight. The battery charges fast and holds its energy for a good amount of time.

The build of the lights is also something worth to mention and the lights are made of high-impact ABS material, presenting an IP65 waterproof grade. Therefore, the lights can take a rain and some difficult weather conditions as well.

The construction of the solar panel doesn’t disappoint either, it’s efficient, frosted, and scratch protected.

The lights are easy to install and you may wall-mount them using the included screws.

Bright, dependable and durable, the solar lights make you feel safer every night.

Here are the most important pros:
  • The lights present three operating modes
  • They are bright and reliable
  • The build is tough and the lights are waterproof
  • The motion sensor is efficient

We’re not too preoccupied about the flaws:
  • The included screws could be better
  • The motion sensor is a tad short

Despite the issues, for the bright light, reliability and good build, the lights still stand as a good helper when you want to secure your outdoors.

4).  Are looking for some solar lights for landscape illumination? Put your trust and faith into the InnoGear Upgraded Solar Lights 2-in-1 Waterproof Outdoor Landscape Lighting Spotlight as they come with the right features for the job.

The lights are bright and have a tough build, presenting a maximum output of 200 lumens. The versatility of the lights is another thing to mention as the output ranges from 80 to 200 lumens.

The versatility of the lights continues with the 2 options for the mounting. You may insert into the ground the lights or wall-mount. No matter your final choice, the lights are easy to install and come with the screws you’d need for the wall-mount.

We also notice the automated-on feature on the lights so you don’t have to turn them on/off. They do it automatically in the evening and in the morning, when the sun has come out.

The build-in Li battery charges during the day and keeps its charge as well. The lightweight solar panel is easy to adjust for best sunlight exposure and more efficiency. Now that we’re on the adjustability, we also have to mention the adjustability of the light angle that lets you find the best angle to lighten the landscape.

You have to turn on the switch on the button when using the lights.

We also like the sensitivity of the spotlight that doesn’t light up if the area is well illuminated.

The build of the lights doesn’t disappoints either. The lights run even when it rains as they present an IP65 waterproof grade.

Let’s sum it all up for the pros:
  • The lights are great to illuminate landscape
  • They have adjustable lighting angle
  • The solar panel is also easy to adjust
  • It’s easy to use and to install the lights

The inherent foibles aren’t deal breakers for us:
  • Some think the lights have a slight blue hue
  • You wouldn’t want to use the lights for other than landscape illumination

Regardless the minor problems, the lights shouldn’t missed on when shopping for low-priced solar lights for your landscape.

5).  Even though they’re not quite the most popular solar lights out there, the Nekteck Solar Powered Garden Spotlight are a far cry from many other models which is why we think they make a good choice for the outdoors.

The lights present in fact quite a rugged build and not only are they waterproof, but also heatproof. They take a few splashes, whereas the risk for overheating is minor.

The adjustability of the lights is also important to mention and you may set the solar panel so that it gest the best sunlight exposure during the day. You may also find the best illuminating angle, which is great.

Staying in the same area, we also have to tell you about the two lighting modes so you may use the high or the dim light mode, according to your needs at a time.

The lights present also an automatic-on/off feature so they turn on/off in the evening/morning automatically.

The solar panel delivers good performance and charges throughout the day. Furthermore, it charges on a cloudy day as well.

The built-in Li-Io holds its charge, sustaining a 10 hours run on a full charge.

The versatility of the lights is another good thing and you may stick the lights into the ground or wall-mount them; whatever fits your needs best.

Versatile, easy to adjust and reliable, the lights may serve you well for quite some time.

Highlighting the most important qualities:
  • The lights are adjustable and versatile
  • The solar panel is easy to adjust for best sunlight exposure
  • The lights present automatic-on feature
  • The solar panel charges on a cloudy day also

Don’t let the minor issues bother you:
  • There’s not much brightness difference between the two light modes
  • The lights include some plastic parts

All in all, the lights are worth to try for many outdoor purposes and don’t disappoint.

6).  Easy to put together and presenting a subtle, yet nice design, the Solar-Powered LED Garden Lights make it to our selection due to all their qualities that surpass the inherent downsides.

The lights are easy to install and to use, as they require no wires whatsoever. The stake features a sharp point so you don’t need to muscle it into the ground for the installation.

They are entirely solar-powered and have automatic-on feature. This means they turn on automatically at night and stop working when the sun comes out in the morning.

The lights come with reliable and efficient solar panels that may deliver good energy even after 3 hours of sunlight exposure. The battery holds the charge and runs the lights all night long.

The build of the lights is no disappointment either and the lights are weather resistant. They handle rain, snow, sleet or frost. They are made of tough ABS plastic and are tightly sealed, for more durability.

The pole is black and blends very well in any scenery. Additionally, it provides good stability to the lights.

The lights look nice and are lightweight. Well-made, bright and weatherproof, you shouldn’t give a second thought when shopping.

Going over the good things once again:
  • The lights are easy to put together and to use
  • The stability is good
  • The lights look nice and blend well in any scenery
  • The light is bright and the build is tough

The minor issues don’t pull us down:
  • Some reported defective lights when received
  • They could be brighter

Looking nice and with a good build, the lights don’t let you down when in need.

7).  When you like to create a nice, warming feel to the outdoors and not only bring some dull, yet efficient light, don’t hesitate to try something new like the TomCare Solar Lights, Waterproof Flickering Flames Torches Lights Outdoor.

The lights stand out with a nice, artistic dancing flame design, leaving a calming effect to any outdoor.

The flames have a realistic feel to it due to their size and shape. The dancing effect isn’t repetitive or simple, but complicated and random, creating a more realistic feel.

The lights have a good build and take the difficult weather. They are waterproof and made to run for a long time.

The built-in rechargeable Li-Io battery needs around 8 hours to charge from the solar panel, running for almost 12 hours in the night. In the wintertime, it should run for at least 5 hours.

The automated-on feature of the lights is reliable and you don’t have to turn them on/off for running.

The lights are easy to put together and to use. The warm, amber color light increases the calming dancing effect and may seal the deal for many.

For the nice atmosphere, they create and reliability, the lights are worth to try when you want to give some artistic feel to the outdoors.

Let’s list the most important good things:
  • The lights have a nice dancing effect
  • The shape and size look very real
  • The amber color of light is calming
  • The lights have a good build and work well

The cons still don’t make us change our mind:
  • Some expected for the lights to be bigger
  • The poles could be longer

Closing on a positive note though, we still like the lights for the dancing effect and calming vibe, which compensate for the minor downsides.

8).  The rugged build and the high quality materials may be the first two things to notice on the Westinghouse Brown Kenbury Solar Outdoor Garden Pathway LED Stake Lights.

The lights bring many good things to the table, but they do stand out with the construction and the quality of the materials.

For a better explanation, we need to pinpoint the stainless steel used on the lights that gives durability to the lights. Additionally, the lights take better the elements. The glass lens also matches the construction and it comes with a plastic ribbed cage that keeps the elements at distance.

We continue with the nice chocolate brown finish that brings an elegant feel to any outdoor scenery.

The lights come with build-in solar lights that charge throughout the night so you the light runs until the morning. The automated-on feature saves even more energy and the lights turn on/off automatically.

The LEDs feature rechargeable AA 400mAh batteries that hold their charge and are in for the long run.

The color changing LED bulbs create a nice atmosphere, so the lights aren’t just elegantly looking, but also calming through their light as well. The darkly colored poles are subtle, helping the lights to blend better. They are sturdy and give a good stability to the lights.

The lights are well made and you don’t need any wiring for the installation.

Elegant, efficient and warming up any outdoor space, the lights aren’t to skip on when in need.

Let’s have a quick look at the main qualities:
  • The lights have a nice design and color
  • The light is warm and calming
  • The build is good and weatherproof
  • The poles ensure stability

The downsides aren’t essential:
  • Some would like a white, and not colored light
  • The glass doesn’t leave the same durability feel as the build

For what it’s worth, we like the lights for their design, warm light and durable build.

9).  The copper finish of the iGlow 8 Pack Copper 6 x 6 Solar Post Light SMD LED Deck Cap Square Fence Outdoor Garden Landscape PVC Vinyl Wood Bronze is one thing to begin with when taking a closer look at the lights, but they present so many other qualities.

The 20 lumen output of the lights illuminates efficiently and nice your pathway or landscape, which is ok for many.

The automatic sensor on the lights is good so the lights turn on automatically at dawn and turn off the same way in the morning.

The build of the lights makes them a good choice for the outdoors and they are weatherproof and able to take the natural elements.

The included AA 3.2 batteries charge fast and take the intense use. They keep their charge so the lights run all night long.

The lights are easy to install and you don’t need any wiring for it. You may use the post or the fence attachment parts-whichever fits your needs the best.

The design of the lights is though their best asset, but the brightness or the build don’t disappoint either.

Highlighting the most important pros:
  • The lights look nice and have an elegant design
  • They are weatherproof and take the intense use
  • They are easy to install
  • The lights are great for pathways and landscape

We’re not making a fuss over the downsides:
  • The battery could be better
  • The copper finish doesn’t look that copper, according to some

For the nice looks and efficiency though, we still recommend the lights as a reliable choice when in need to illuminate your landscape, for instance.

10).  Step up your game with some bright lights for securing the outdoors with something like the 100-Watt LED Wall Pack light – 11,700 Lumens.

The incredible 11,400-lumen output puts any security worries at peace and it’s hard to resist them if bright light is what you’re looking for.

The 5000k light color provides a clear light in the night so it’s impossible not to see if any intruders are disturbing you in the night. Additionally, the lighting angle is wide and it covers a large area thanks to its more than 100-degree angle.

You couldn’t get that much brightness without a rugged build and the lights sure don’t surprise anyone when it comes to that either. we notice an aluminum housing with Heat Sink feature, for increased heat dissipation.

The LEDs fit the rugged housing and they are durable, with IP65 waterproof grade. The tempered glass on the lens sustains the tough build and ensures better light distribution.

You may have to pay more attention when installing the lights, but it’s still not difficult to do it. It is not as you need wiring for it. Furthermore, you may also install some dusk-to-dawn sensors for more efficiency.

The lights may feel an option for the commercial buildings, but it would be such a shame for not trying them, especially if you’re looking for the bright, heavy-duty lights for the outdoors.

Summing it all up for the most important features:
  • The lights give an impressive 11,400 lumen output
  • The build is heavy-duty
  • The lighting angle is wide
  • The lights are durable and waterproof

Bells and whistles aside, we only have some minor issues to mention:
  • They’re not exactly the cheapest option out there
  • The lens may be better

Despite the minor flaws, we still think the lights make it as a good investment for securing your residence at night.