Best Solar Charger for Digital Cameras

Solar Charger for Digital Cameras Reviews

For those of you who decided to go solar including on their digital cameras, finding the right solar charger may become quite annoying, especially if there are some features you can’t give up on when it comes to the solar charger.

How to choose easier

There are so many reasons for you to go solar, but, the most important ones are that they’re cost efficient and very practical, eliminating the need for the plug whenever in need. A solar charger is also environmental friendly and, therefore, a safer choice for nature.

When you go shopping for one for your digital camera, you need to start by checking the volts of the camera battery. Then, you need to find the solar charger that is compatible with your camera’s battery. This doesn’t mean you can’t go with a bigger solar charger for your camera though. By contrary, it’s a great idea and it gives the solar charger more versatility, as you’re going to be able to use it for other devices too.

There’s one big tricky part about the solar chargers though when it comes to their performances. They’re efficient and reliable as long as they get enough direct sunlight, with no obstruction from glass windows, clouds or shades.

You may easily calculate the solar charging time by dividing the amperes hours of your camera battery to the amperes of the charger (watts or volts) and adding 10%. The right charger is going to need around 20 hours of direct sunlight to fully charge your battery.

You want the solar charger to be effective and typically, bigger is better when it comes to solar chargers.

Either way, the market gives you so many options when it comes to sizes and shapes, not to mention the features so it’s only up to your needs and budget what your final decision is going to be.

TOP 5 Solar Charger for Digital Cameras Reviews

When you’re going shopping on a tight budget, put your trust and faith in the 10000mAh Solar Panel Charger Dual USB External Battery.

The solar charger is a nice surprise, considering it’s quite a steal for the price. The build is good and the solar charger is shock and water resistant, but also dust proof. It comes with a compass and 2LED flashlights, becoming a great asset for the outdoor activities.

You may charge two devices at once with it as it has dual USB port that is covered, for more protection of your cables. The outputs accommodate most digital devices out there.

The portable design is sure another good surprise, and the solar charger also impresses with its durable build. It’s made with long lasting material ABS+PC+Silicone, taking the heavy use. it also includes a hanger and a compass, so it’s very easy to hang it on your backpack.

The LED light is bright and it may serve you as  a flashlight and you get to choose from one of the three modes: steady, SOS and strobe. We also notice the five pilot indicators that show you the status of battery charger. Green light is on when you’re charging it solar and the blue light is for the USB charging.

The instruction manual is detailed and the solar charger is dependable on many levels.

Why do we like it:
  • The solar charger is water and shock resistant
  • It has a good build and it’s dust proof
  • You may charge two devices at once
  • It’s portable and reliable

We’re not complaining about the minor issues:
  • The solar charging is a tad slow
  • It may get warm when it’s charging for a long time

However, for the good features, portability and performance, we’d say the solar charger is a great bang for your buck.

Fairly priced for the performances and build, the Sokoo 22W 5V 2-Port USB Portable Foldable Solar Charger is easy to take when hiking or backpacking and quite dependable in the outdoors.

The solar charger has a water-resistant build and a durability feel to it. It features the Smart IC circuit with waterproof treatment, whereas the PVC fabric canvas is rugged, taking the heavy use.

On a sunny day, the device charges fast, but it’s reliable on humid weather as well. It presents high conversion efficiency and a reliable solar panel.

The dual-USB smart Charging technology gives a build-in smart IC chip that recognizes automatically any device, offering the best charging speed, protecting your device at the same time. The risk for over charging and overloading is, therefore, minimized. The charging current from the USB ports is watched carefully and adjusted depending on the sunlight level.

The solar charger has a compact size and it’s highly portable. It features copper-alloy eye-holes on each corner, so it’s not difficult at all to attach it to your backpack/tent. The slim profile and thin design increase its portability.

On top of everything else, the solar charge is highly compatible with a great diversity of USB gadgets, digital camera, GoPro and various smartphones including.

The very short list of good assets:
  • The solar charger is compact and lightweight
  • It has thin profile and a slim design
  • It’s compatible with many USB gadgets
  • It’s reliable and well made

We do have some suggestions when it comes to the lows:
  • The stitching is poor
  • It’s not waterproof

Nevertheless, for the portability, ease of use, compatibility and so much more, we’re definitely see the charger as a good choice whenever in need.

Quickly charging and dependable for a good amount of time, the Voltaic Systems – Fuse 6 Watt USB Solar Charger with Backup Battery Pack only needs around 3 hours of direct sunlight to fully charge a smartphone. If you want to charge your 10” tablet solar, give it around 11 hours of direct sunlight, though.

The solar panel is made with tough monocrystalline and it’s not only waterproof and scratch resistant, but it’s also protected against UV., taking the heavy duty use. the panel uses self-healing urethane coating so that it handles the intense use.

The charger comes with a backup battery (V15, USB) that you may use in case it’s a rainy weather.

The lightweight and compact design of the charger make it easy to carry around, whereas its universal attachment system lets you attach it easy peasy to your backpack or bicycle.

The compatibility of the charger is great and you may use it not only for a great diversity of smartphones and androids, but also for your DSLR camera and various tablets.

The solar charger is made with recycled PET (soda bottles) fabric and it has a rugged build. It’s easy to use and dependable.

The list of pros:
  • The solar charger is portable and has a rugged build
  • It charges fast
  • It’s compatible with many smartphones, DSLR cameras and tablets
  • It comes with a backup battery

The cons aren’t major:
  • You may remove the solar panel from the case, but you have no other way to carry it then
  • Some expect it to charge faster when solar

All in all, for the versatility, reliability and good build, the solar charger isn’t quite the lemon you thought from a distance, but quite the opposite.

The list of good parts on the Goal Zero Venture 30 Solar Recharging Kit with Nomad 7 Solar Panel is quite long, but you only need to take a quick look at it to see it for yourself.

The solar charger comes with a built-in micro USB tip tangle-free charging that you may safely use for phones and tablets, whereas the cables are certified for reliable charging.

When you’re charging it from USB, it needs around 4 hours, around when you’re charging it solar, you may need around 9hours for a full charge.

The build of the solar charger recommends it for the outdoor. The solar charger is waterproof and you may safely use it in the rain. You may power with it your phones, tablets and digital camera.

Lightweight and easy to pack, the solar charger is portable and has minimum weight. It’s ruggerized and you may also use it when wet.

You may charge two devices at the same time with the solar charger and its built-in Flood Charger improves the charging time.

The very short list of good things:
  • You may power two devices at once
  • It has a rugged build and it’s waterproof
  • It’s portable and lightweight
  • It’s dependable and efficient

We’re not that worry about the minor issues:
  • It could use a slim belt on the back
  • It’s not that low priced

All in all, the whole kit is a good asset to have around the house, whereas the solar charger is fast, efficient and so easy to carry around.

The more you’re willing to pay for the solar charger, the more you can expect from it when it comes to performance, durability and materials. The Brunton 26 Watt Foldable Solar Array may strike you as a pricey solar charger, but the better you look at it, the easier for you to understand it’s still worth every penny.

The solar charger gives a 26Watts maximum output and it’s quite lightweight, considering its power. It turns the sunlight into electrical current and it doesn’t let you down even on a cloudy weather. It has just the right size and power for charging your digital camera or laptop, or for running cell and satellite phones.

It features high-performance CIGS solar cells that are highly effective, but also present reverse flow protection. The two-panel design ensures maximum performance, without compromising on the portability. By contrary, the solar charger is easy to carry around and it’s the right choice for the cloudy coastal situations or expeditions to the Himalaya.

Let’s not forget to mention the solar charger folds up into a compact footprint that is quite similar in size to a DVD case.

The list of good things also includes a battery clamp cable so you may charge your car batteries, but also a vehicle outlet, multi-linking cables and a storage sack.

Let’s sum it all up for the main good parts:
  • The solar charger is powerful
  • It’s foldable, lightweight and easy to carry around
  • It performs great even on a cloudy weather
  • It’s well made and easy to mount

Bells and whistles aside, we do have some cons to pinpoint:
  • The manual could be more user friendly
  • The mounted power socket has a cheap feel to it

Getting our ducks in a row, we’re not disappointed at all with the money we spent and still think the solar charger is great to have.