Best Solar Deer Repeller

Solar Deer Repeller Reviews

If you’re concerning about your property but want to keep safe the deer crossing your property, a great and safe choice for you is an efficient deer repeller.

And if you don’t want to pay the extra buck for it and lower your spending on the long run, you should go with a solar deer repeller.

What to look for on a solar deer repeller

When you’re getting a solar deer repeller you want it to be strong enough to keep the deer at distance, but you don’t want it to be too strong, injuring the animal. You also want it to have a good build and to be made of high quality materials. The solar deer repeller has to take the weather challenges and to handle rain and snow as well.

You know that the solar deer repeller is working if the plants and your property are safe from deer again.

Urban deer are a quite a threat to any property and you may use a solar deer repeller along with a guard repellent tape with holographic finish. If you’re adding the rustling sound and the flashes of the solar deer repeller, you may get better results as they attack deer’s hearing sense, increasing the “fight or flight” answer.

You need to install the solar deer repeller in the center of the area that you want to protect. As deer become used to seeing something in the same place, it’s better to relocate the deer repeller from time to time (every 1-2weeks), in order to have results and to break the pattern.

TOP 5 Solar Deer Repeller Reviews

1).  If you’re looking for some efficient solar deer repeller, but don’t want to pay the extra buck, put your trust and faith in the Nighttime Solar Powered Animal Repeller By Pest Soldier.

The solar deer repeller features a solar battery that charges throughout the day, protecting your property and livestock from the unwanted night time pests, from deer to cougars, cats or foxes.

The design is good and the device is waterproof, handling all weather conditions. Therefore, it doesn’t make any sense into storing it off-season as you may confidently leave it out there.

The device is very easy to use since its solar charge battery ensures full automatic and maintenance operation. The battery may last for even one month with a single charge. The automatic light sensitive feature means the repeller turns on at dusk and off at full daylight.

The repeller may be used for building corners and complex areas. You may turn it off from 500 yard. Its light is constantly flushing, keeping at distance deer and other nocturnal animals.

On top of everything else, the device is quite cheap and you get two devices for just one price.

Our favs on the deer repeller:
  • The solar battery charges efficiently
  • The device covers a good area
  • It’s waterproof and able to take all sorts of weather conditions
  • It’s reliable and safe

We wouldn’t mind to see some minor changes for the better:
  • You need to relocate it from time to time as deer may get used to it
  • Some think the light should be brighter

Given the good build, efficiency and low price, we’d say you can take your chance with the Nighttime Solar Powered Animal Repeller by Pest Soldier.

2).  One of the most popular options out there is the Predator Guard Solar Powered Predator Deterrent and you only need to take a quick look at it in order to get it why is so.

Not only the deterrent is solar powered but it’s also automatic so you don’t need to worry about turning it on/off as it does it on its own. The device is also maintenance free so you shouldn’t worry about taking extra special care of it.

The device is able to protect your property, livestock and garden from the nocturnal animals, without being a threat to your domestic animals.

The lights of the Predator Guard are made with high quality industrial elements, for higher efficiency. The design is well thought out and the Predator Guard features a pair of flashing lights that the animals may think it’s a set of eyes. They are going to feel the danger and flee your property.

It’s easy to install the Predator Guard on any surface with just a screw or/and internal magnet. the deterrent charges itself as it’s solar powered, with no need for external wires or power supply.

The build is strong and the deterrent isn’t damaged by snow. The LED lights are powerful and give 1/2mile range of protection.

It’s humane, safe and non-lethal and you may want to use 4 units for a 360 degree protection.

Here are the things we like the most:
  • The deterrent is solar powered and has automatic feature
  • It’s easy to mount with a screw or/and internal magnet
  • It’s efficient, but doesn’t harm your domestic animals
  • It’s well-made, taking all weather conditions

What we didn’t like on the deterrent isn’t major, for sure:
  • Some think it’s not working that great on the raccoons
  • The power switch doesn’t have a tactile feedback

Regardless of the minor issues, the deterrent is efficient, solar and well made, which is what counts the most on a solar deer repeller.

3).  The strong emitting ultrasound and the flashing LED lights on the Hoont Powerful Solar Battery Powered Ultrasonic Outdoor Pest and Animal Repeller recommend it as a reliable choice whenever in need.

The repeller brings many good things on the table and the list begins with three ultrasonic frequency settings and the optional on/off LED flashing light.

The device emits a range of powerful ultrasonic sounds, but also flashing LED strobe lights that keep at distance various animals.

Solar powered, the repeller is easy to install and you simply stick it into the ground as it features a metal stale. You make the settings you want and the device lets you choose from 3 ultrasonic frequency settings, the optional on/off LED light, and 7 sensitivity settings. The solar panel is placed on top, recharging the batteries efficiently (3 AA rechargeable batteries). You may also charge it via USB (you also get a USB cable).

The deterrent is humane and environmentally friendly and you get rid of animals thanks to the ultrasonic sounds and the strong flashing LED strobe lights.

The construction matches the performances and the device is both weatherproof and water resistant. It’s made with tough plastic, taking rain, snow, wind, and ice.

It’s able to detect motion from up to 30ft. and has a durability feel to it.

Summarizing the main qualities:
  • The device is well made and has a solid build
  • It emits powerful ultra-sonic sounds and flashing LED strobe lights
  • It’s weatherproof and waterproof
  • It has several settings

The weak points aren’t many:
  • Some say it doesn’t work on cats
  • It’s not that effective on squirrels

All in all, for the versatility, adjustability and ease of use, you may give it a go with the Hoont Powerful Solar Battery Powered Ultrasonic Outdoor Pest and Animal Repeller for getting rid of deer on your property.

4).  The very powerful sonic deterrent beep or other deterrent sounds of The Garden Secrets 3-in-1 Outdoor Solar Sonic Pest Repellent keep deterrents at distance from your garden, whether you’re fighting against skunks, deer, bird, cat, dog and so many more.

The strong sonic device make the pests go away from your garden fast and easy, as it uses a high-frequency beep. A sensitive ear is going to hear a weak beep, but only when sitting close to the device.

The unit is solar, which means less costs for you. The solar panel is powerful and charges your batteries right the way, even on low-sun days. You don’t need a power source anymore, nor do you have to recharge the batteries very often.

The repellent is a safe choice as it doesn’t involve any repulsive smell of dead animals around, giving you the chance to get rid of pests in a humane way.

The build is good and the device is 100% waterproof. It has a wide coverage area (645sq.ft.) and it’s quite efficient.

Going over our favorite parts shortly:
  • The deterrent used sonic deterrent beep
  • The device is efficient
  • It’s solar powered and charges automatically
  • It doesn’t involve any chemicals

Here are our thoughts on the downsides:
  • It also keeps bees at distance so you may want to turn it off when everything is blooming
  • The animal sounds are a tad annoying according to some

Nevertheless, for the good things it brings and ease of use, the deterrent is a good investment to make for your garden.

5).  Easy to use and to install, the Ultrasonic Solar Animal & Pest Repeller may give you the impression that you’re paying a bit more for it, but the more you get to use it, the more you realize it’s worth every single penny.

The repeller has solar panel built-in and charges efficiently throughout the day. You simply stick into the ground and go through the settings, as there are many to choose from.

You need to set the repeller according to the size of the animals trespassing your property: L to keep at distance the small animals (skunks, mice, rats, rabbits), M for medium animals (cats, small dogs) and H for the larger ones (deer, large dogs and so on).

The repeller also comes with a motion sensor that is easy to adjust. The device is easy to set it up and has a good build.

It comes with an on/off button so you may turn it off when you don’t need it.

Well-made and taking all sorts of weather, the repeller is efficient in most cases.

Our favs would be:
  • The repeller has 3 different frequency settings for animal size
  • It has a built-in motion detector
  • The sounds are heard only by the animals
  • It’s solar powered and easy to use

The cons aren’t major:
  • It may not work against armadillos
  • The on/off button has a weird placement

Given the build, efficiency and durability, the repeller is a good buy anytime.