Best Solar Desk Lamp

Solar Desk Lamp Reviews

We’re always trying to cut down our spending and when it’s time for the electricity bill, we find ourselves a bit shocked every single month.

Going solar is one of the way to lower your electricity bill and you should take a look not only around your house, but also inside as there are many solar powered devices that you may use inside your house too.

What’s a good solar desk lamp?

Apart from the fact that a solar desk lamp is going to cut down your spending and the fact it’s eco-friendly, there are many other things to consider when getting a lamp like this.

You want its solar panel to be efficient and large enough to suck all the sunlight it needs for charging the battery. On the other hand, the battery has to also be efficient and holds its charge, thus providing you good light for a good amount of time.

Ease of use and, why not, looks are also important and you may double check them when in need for a solar desk lamp.

There are plenty of options out there and you may decide for yourselves which one fits your needs the best. Keep in mind that, no matter what you go with in the end, you still need to place it in a good spot so that the solar panel has the sunlight it needs for charging the battery.

TOP 5 Solar Desk Lamp Reviews

1).  Just because you’re going shopping on a tight budget doesn’t mean you still can’t find a good and reliable solar desk lamp to buy. The TOOGOO(R) Solar Power Flexible Desktop 4 LED Reading Lamp Light perfectly matches the description and it’s quite a nice surprise, considering the buck you’re paying.


The desk lamp is versatile as you may charge it solar or using the USB charging port that comes in the package. When you’re charging it solar, you need to be patient and give it around 12 hours for a full charge, but the things are better if you’re using the USB charging port. It only need 3-4hours for charging, giving you light for 6-8 hours.

The 4 LEDs are bright and take the use for 100,000hours. The on/off switch make the lamp easy to use, whereas the flexible neck lets you mount it to any angle, according to your specific needs. The neck is made of metal and handles the multiple adjustments for a good amount of time.

The solar desk lamp has a small foot print and its white base is sturdy. The design is simple and subtle, matching any desk design.

The very short list of good things includes:
  • You may charge it solar or via the USB charging port
  • Its neck is made of metal and flexible
  • The base is sturdy and has a small foot print
  • The lamp is simple and you may use it outdoors too

Don’t make such a drama out of the minor issues:
  • It takes a while to charge solar
  • Its design may be too simple for some

Getting our ducks in a row, we like the desk lamp as it’s small, dependable, easy to charge and quite versatile.

2).  Lightweight and presenting a small footprint, the Anpress® Flexible Gooseneck Style 4-LED Mini Solar Table Lamp is a cute little solar desk lamp that brings a bunch of good things to consider, and only few downsides to pay attention to.

The solar desk lamp is green, using sunlight as energy source, thus presenting no pollution of the environment. It’s an energy-saving lamp that is very easy to use and to display thanks to its small foot print.

The lamp comes with an on/off switch to control and its light is anti-dazzle, relieving visual fatigue. The gooseneck is flexible and made of metal, taking the use for a long time. You may adjust the neck in many ways, just the way you want it every time, but in complete silence though.

If you’re having a rainy day, you may still use the lamp as it’s also USB powered, taking 3-4 hours for charging by USB. When you’re charging it by solar, you may want to give it around 12 hours.

Lightweight, easy to use and to carry around the house, the solar desk lamp is flexible and so great to have it on your desk.

Going shortly over the good things:
  • It’s small and lightweight
  • It’s very easy to use and to carry around
  • It has a flexible gooseneck
  • You may charge it solar or via USB

We wouldn’t change our mind over some inherent flaws:
  • It’s not very bright
  • It takes quite a while to charge solar

Nevertheless, for the versatility, ease of use and lightweight, you should definitely try the little champ.

3).  Is it a flashlight or is it a lamp? Well, the Tocean 2 in 1 Solar Flashlight and Table Lamp Rechargeable is both and doesn’t resume only to this feature.

The portable LED flashlight stand on its own, becoming a very dependable and bright desk lamp whenever in need. It’s adjustable and you may use one of the three different modes: high, low and table lamp mode. The switch is easy to adjust every time.

The lamp is versatile and you may charge it by solar panel, when placing it in the full sun all day. You may also use the USB charging port though if it’s raining or the sky is too cloudy. And in case you don’t know if it’s charging or not, the LED is going to inform you on the charging level (red means it’s charging, whereas green means it’s fully charged).

When we talk about the flashlight’s performance, we have to mention the light reaches far, up to 656ft. the battery is a Li type and quite large. It holds its charge very well, providing up to 10 hours of light on low light mode.

The multifunctional flashlight had a magnetic head and a hook so you may also use it when camping, hiking or more.

Well-made and rugged, the lamp is a great addition for anyone liking the outdoors and the indoors as well.

We came up with a list of important features:
  • It’s a flashlight and a desk lamp at once
  • It’s rugged and takes the use in the outdoors
  • It has various lighting modes
  • You may charge it solar or by USB charging port

The downsides aren’t major at all:
  • The clicking noises are a bit loud
  • It’s not the most elegant desk lamp that you can get

For the versatility, ease of use, reliability and rugged build, we sure don’t regret trying it.

4).  The dual-mode feature of the UPD Desk Lamp: Modern LED and Solar Capable Lamps make it versatile and easy to use in many situations, but there’s a lot more to consider about the solar lamp.

The lamp comes with a high-tech solar charger panel that needs around 8-10hours for charging the battery. On a rainy day, you may use the US Plug Ac power adapter. The lamp comes with a built-in 800mAh battery that takes the use for a longtime. The battery is only rechargeable and you don’t need to replace it.

The 24SMD LEDs give a nice light, whereas the dimmable setting is good, making the lamp a nice choice for office or bedroom too. Its build recommends it for the outdoor use as well.

The arm is foldable and easy to rotate so that you may easily fold it into a small and compact shape for more portability and ease of storage. The base is sturdy and the lamp doesn’t slide. The rubbers on base sure minimize sliding, but also turn it into a kid friendly lamp.

The light is bright and the lamp is lightweight and small, which is great for a solar desk lamp.

Summarizing our favs:
  • The lamp is small and lightweight
  • It’s foldable to a small and compact shape for more portability and easy store
  • It’s bright and reliable
  • It has a dual-mode so you may charge it solar or with the AC power adapter

We’re not quite concern about the downsides:
  • Some think it doesn’t hold its charge very well
  • The cord could have a better design

All in all, the lamp is dependable, bright, portable, lightweight, and small. Isn’t this quite enough?

5).  Step out of your comfort zone and take a leap of faith with the Energy save power portable desk led solar lamp by ICab.

Even though the cool design is the first thing to strike you on the desk lamp, the lamp sure is a lot more than meets the eye.

The battery is long lasting and gives 8 hours of light on a single charge. This is definitely related to the solar panel that has a large surface, charging efficiently the batter. The solar panels are compact, lightweight and very easy to carry around.

The build is strong and the desk lamp has a rugged construction, taking well weather, impact, dust and even insects.

The lamp also checks the versatility box as you may carry it around, hang it or simply place it on your desk.

As for the maintenance, no worries either. The batteries are rechargeable and you don’t ever need to replace them.

The lamp is small, versatile and comes with a flexible stand that gives you plenty of options while using it. You may set various modes of lighting as well.

The high quality of the build, the interesting design, the versatility and the great light make the solar desk a wise buy any given day.

We appreciate mostly the following:
  • The solar lamp is versatile and easy to use/carry around
  • It’s bright and dependable
  • The battery holds its charge for even 20 hours
  • You have several lighting options to choose from

We wouldn’t call the minor issues “cons”:
  • It’s a bit pricey for some
  • Some may not go for the cool design

It goes without saying that, for the versatility, reliability, interesting design and adjustability, the solar desk lamp is a great investment anytime.