Best Solar Digital Radio

 Solar Digital Radio Reviews

Whenever out in the woods or working in your garage and want to listen to something while working, a digital is a great device to have around.

Sometimes, you like to stay informed at all time, even though you can’t be never 100% sure of the information you get through the radio. Sometimes maybe you want to listen to some nice music while working on your car. Either way, a radio may change tremendously your surroundings, so choosing right is important.

Why get a solar digital radio?

First of all, going solar is a great step for anyone that shows not only that you want to lower your electrical bill, but also care enough for the environment. Let’s not forget the part where you’re hiking and you need some info…but you have no batteries or plug to get informed. Therefore, a solar radio is a reliable choice when you’re out in the outdoors, hiking, camping or anything else.

A solar digital radio may be essential in a disaster situation, when electricity is down and you have to depend on your solar tools.

Even though we have so many hi-tech gadgets around us today, we still rely on the simple, yet effective radio.

When shopping, you need to take a look at the features of your solar digital radio. Even though you may want to charge it solar, it’s better for you that the radio also features a USB charge outlet or even a mobile phone charger outlet.

You want the batteries to hold their charge and the solar panels to be efficient even on a less sunny day.

The more reliable, efficient and sophisticated your solar digital radio is, the more you have to pay. So, checking your wallet in the first place isn’t such a bad idea.

TOP 5 Solar Digital Radio Reviews

1).  Compact, lightweight and reliable in so many life situations, the Epica Digital Emergency Solar Hand Crank AM/FM/NOAA Radio comes with plenty of good things attached to it, which sure explain its popularity.

The device includes a 3-band radio (AM, FM and NOAA VHF weather frequencies), a mobile phone charger and a 3LED flashlight.

The versatility of the device doesn’t just stop here, but it goes on with its multiple ways of charging. You may give it power by crank, solar panel or using the plug-in.

The display is clear and the radio is built to take the use for quite some time. The compact shape makes it so easy to display and store as the device easily fits in a large jacket pocket. The design is well thought out and the sturdy carabineer clip allows you to attach it also to your belt.

We also should say something about its antennae that is retractable, angled at the base and fairly easy to adjust.

The build of the device recommends it for the long time use and we are impressed with the rugged body and the water resistant water panels.

As for the headphone jack for private listening or the simple design, we can only say that they may seal the deal for anyone sitting on the fence.

Summarizing the strong parts:
  • The device is a radio, flashlight and a solar hand crank
  • It’s highly versatile and reliable
  • You may charge it in various ways, including solar
  • It’s well made, compact, lightweight and easy to carry/use/store

For the sake of it, here are the minor issues:
  • It doesn’t have an internal battery level
  • The solar panel charges a bit slower than you’d want

All in all, as it’s compact, reliable, easy to use and so versatile, the solar digital radio is quite a bang for your buck.

2).  When you don’t want to get just a digital radio, but also a flashlight, take a leap of faith with the Midland Consumer Radio ER310 Emergency Solar Hand Crank AM/FM Digital Weather Radio.

The AM/FM NOAA emergency crank radio features a solar power panel so charging it up is easy. The radio also features a bright Cree LED flashlight that gives a maximum output of 130 lumens.

The Li-Io battery is rechargeable and comes with a USB output so that’s easy for you to charge portable devices.

The list of features that are so important for the emergencies is impressive and the radio comes with an ultrasonic Dog whistle to assist research and rescue team, whereas the SOS flashlight beacon is great for flashing Morse code.

Let’s not forget the hand crank digital weather alert radio which completes the image of a device especially designed for the emergencies.

The radio isn’t just about the emergencies though, and its ER310 earphone jack is great when you’re in for some private listening.

You may charge the battery solar, by Dynamo crank or using the mini USB charging cable. The battery capacity is large enough to charge your smartphone, if ever in need.

The controls are easy to operate and the compact shape make the radio take so little space when stored or displayed.

Reliable, with plenty of useful features and a good build, the solar digital radio is quite a serious option for the outdoors customer.

Here are our favs:
  • It’s an emergency Crank Radio that features a bright flashlight as well
  • It comes with an ear bud jack for private listening
  • It’s easy to go through controls
  • The battery has a large capacity and has a USB port also

We’re not that happy about some small problems:
  • The instructions aren’t easy to follow
  • The solar panel could be bigger

All in all, for the long list of features and reliability, you should give this one a chance whenever in need.

3).  The long list of good things of the American Red Cross FRX3 Hand Crank NOAA AM/FM Weather Alert Radio sure helps it stand out from the crowd, whereas its minor issues don’t count much when making the final decision.

Receiving AM/FM and weather band alerts, the radio also gives you several power options. You may use it with rechargeable batteries, hand crank, but you can definitely try the solar charging or the AAA batteries. Spinning the hand turbine for 1 minute is going to power the radio for 15 minutes or so, but you may also place the FRX3 in the sun when you want to go with a passive charging option. Let’s not forget the mini-USB that increases the versatility of the radio. Now that we’re on it, we need to mention the AUX-input that allows you play music from an external MP3 player. And, if you want to go for a private listening, go ahead and use the headphone output.

It’s a reliable device to take when hiking, for instance, as its LED flashlight and emergency bacon are there to help you. If you’re afraid you’re not going to find it in the dark, think again. The radio comes with a glow-in-the-dark locater so it’s easy for you to find it in dim lit areas.

The design is very smart and the radio features a back-lit display and illuminated buttons so it’s not difficult to use it even in the dark. As for the alarm clock function…you can’t get away with not having an alarm for be ready in time next time you’re hiking!

Going over the goods shortly:
  • You may charge it in several ways
  • It comes with USB port and headphone output
  • It charges fast and it’s reliable
  • It’s very easy to use and to carry around

The inherent flaws don’t make us change our mind:
  • It’s made of plastic
  • The batteries aren’t very strong

For the long list of features and good price, the radio still is a sure buy whenever in need.

4).  When we talk about the Kaito Voyager Pro KA600 Digital Solar Dynamo Crank Wind Up AM/FM/LW/SW & NOAA Weather Emergency Radio, it’s quite a challenge to begin its description as there are so many good things to talk about.

For instance, the radio comes with AM/FM/LW shortwave, but also NOAA weather option and you get NOAA all hazards alerts and RDS. You may power it up solar, by the optional AC/DC adapter or hand cracking.

When it comes to tuning, you also have several options: manual, direct digit entry, ATS and memory tuning and the 335 memories give you easy access to your favorite stations.

The list of functions continues with calendar, alarm clock and dual settings, sleep timer, but also with accurate thermometer and humidity meter.

We also need to mention the reliable solar panel that is 180-adjustable, for more efficiency and the 5-LED reading lamp. The list continues with the auxiliary input jack that is easy to use for the external audio devices.

The design is great and the device has versatile functions which recommend it not only for the emergency experiences, but also for hiking or simply bedside radio listening.

Taking a look at its construction allows us to notice a solid, well-made device that has a durability feel to it. The radio is sturdy, easy to use and accurate within its performances.

Here’s what we like the most about it:
  • The device is well-made and solid
  • It may be powered in several ways
  • It includes a precise thermometer and humidity meter
  • It comes with many functions and features

The minor issues aren’t deal breakers:
  • It’s a tad smaller than expected
  • The knobs feel a bit cheap

Regardless of the minor issues, the device is a versatile, long lasting option that is great on so many levels.

5).  If you’re in need for a nice solar radio, and not so much for one that is dependable in the survivalist missions, the Roberts DAB / FM Digital Solar Radio – White is the one to try.

The radio comes with a built-in battery and solar charger that is dependable and efficient. You may charge the radio solar, by battery or mains powered. The LED solar and battery indicator add up on the list of features and you may use your normal AA batteries or the rechargeable AA batteries instead. When the radio is fully charged, the low power consumption of solar Dab is going to let the batteries power the radio for even 20 hours, with no need for recharging them.

The wavebands are plenty: DAB/ FM or RDS, and you may line in socket for your MP3playback or your iPod.

The sound quality is impressive; the radio does stand out with its stylish appearance. It’s compact and highly portable.

The radio comes with alarm function and an earphone socket. It’s a top end radio with impressive sound quality and radio reception.

We’d like to pinpoint its strengths:
  • The sound quality of radio reception is great
  • It’s shower proof
  • You may charge it solar or mains
  • The solar radio looks stylish and nice

There’s always place for improvement:
  • It’s a tad pricey
  • It’s not for the survival situations

Getting our ducks in a row, we like the radio for the sound quality and radio reception and its looks, as its downsides aren’t major deal for us.