Best Solar Panel for Deer Feeder

Solar Panel for Deer Feeder Reviews

Getting an automatic animal feeder is a big step when you care enough for wildlife, saving you also time and a lot of effort. When you install a solar-charged battery on the feeder, you save even more time and take the whole effort to another level.

Why go solar?

Solar chargers are one of the most environmentally conscious choices at the moment and an easy way to fuel up the batteries on the deer feeder.

In addition of saving you time, the solar panel saves you the effort from charging and exchanging batteries. You’re not going to be changing batteries all day long once you install a solar panel, but you won’t have to do it often either as batteries are more durable.

Using solar panel for your deer feeder also save you some money too as you get more accurate time on the feedings.

As we all know, solar panels are good for the environment as the battery life is extended and the need for batteries isn’t that big anymore.

What to look for?

You want a solar panel that comes with a universal adapter that may connect to any feeder, and it wouldn’t hurt if it would plug directly into the timer either.

A good solar panel comes with built-in protection that minimizes risk for battery power drainage and metal conduit that protects wiring against weather and varmints.

You want the solar panel to have a good, solid build too with a powder-coated finish that makes it more durable and, why not, better looking too.

TOP 5 Solar Panel for Deer Feeder

Versatile and dependable, despite its rather low price, the American Hunter Economy Solar Charger manages to be a valid choice for anyone going shopping on a tight budget.

The solar panel comes with mounting brackets but, as long as you’re following the user-friendly instructions that come along, you shouldn’t have any problems setting it up.

It’s a great panel for keeping the batteries charged in a deer feeder, but you may also use it for some camping flashlights or lanterns. Actually, some have been using it all year round without having to take care too much of it.

The constant trickle charges the 6/12-volt feeder batteries, keeping the risk for overcharging minimum. Its alligator clips allow you to attach it directly to any spring tab or F tab 6 V and 12 V battery.

The solar panel has a good build and it’s waterproof. The cord is 6ft. long and it’s hard wired to the back of the panel, featuring the alligator clips on the other end.

Easy to mount on anything, the solar panel works great and it’s quite a nice surprise for many.

Here’s what we like the most on the solar panel:
  • The solar panel is easy to mount on anything
  • It’s reliable and works all year round
  • It comes with alligator clips and mounting brackets
  • It works great

We’re not really concern about the minor downsides:
  • It could use a second bracket on the bottom (it moves a lot at the moment)
  • You may have to make some alterations for properly install it on an American Hunter feeder

Nevertheless, the solar panel works well all year round and highly versatile, not to mention quite a steel for the price. So, what would you want more?

Even though the American Hunter Feeders Solar Charger isn’t the most popular solar panel for the feeder out there, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a chance if ever in need.

The solar charger has a good build and takes the outdoors very well as it’s weather proof. The build is something to notice on this one for sure and the solar panel is almost maintenance free.

When we talk about the design, we notice how the charger plugs directly into feeder, meaning that you may leave it unattended all winter with no worries about its performance. Furthermore, the solar panel doesn’t feature any exposed wires, which makes it more durable. Let’s not forget about the materials used that are good quality, giving you a device that is both rust proof and corrosive resistant.

The solar panel works well and it’s easy to install, even though it doesn’t come with instructions.

Reliable and efficient when it comes to charging a 6V battery, the solar charger is a sure buy anytime.

The list of good things:
  • The solar panel is easy to install
  • It’s efficient and reliable
  • It’s weatherproof, rust proof and corrosive resistant
  • It’s almost maintenance free

We would like to see some small improvements:
  • It’s a bit challenging to wire it
  • Squirrels may take it down if not thoroughly secured

Regardless of the minor problems, for the reliability, ease of use and ease of maintenance, you can take a leap of faith with this one anytime.

When you take a look at the Wildgame Innovations Thin Filmed Mono-Crystalline Design chances are you’re going to like its good things and won’t concern much about its inherent flaws.

The 6-volt solar panel comes disassembled, but the installation instructions that come along are easy to follow so putting it together and install it isn’t rock science.

The solar panel has a small size and its low profile means a less impact in the wildlife, which is always a good thing. This doesn’t sacrifice its efficiency though and the solar panel does charge throughout the day, even in the winter time.

As for the build and materials, we notice the aluminum mounting bracket and hardware and the polycarbonate front cover that make the solar panel long lasting and reliable. The thin filmed, Mono-Crystalline design, the alligator style battery clips, and the protective steel flex-conduit add up on the list of good things.

The unit comes with 4-1.2ft. of lead wires and its small alligator clips are colored right. It’s plastic encased and has a metal mounting plate for the feeder and the screws for installation.

The metal wire guard and the sold build make it a dependable option for many out there.

What we like the most on the solar panel:
  • The solar panel has a small profile
  • It has a solid build and a metal wire guard
  • It’s easy to set it up and to use
  • It’s dependable and durable

The flaws aren’t major:
  • The clips are small
  • It comes disassembled from the mounting plate

All in all, the solar panel stands out with its small profile, efficiency and good build which is enough for most of us.

Given the popularity of the Moultrie Deluxe 6-Volt Solar Panel, we took a thorough look at it, but after sitting down and giving a second thought, we kind of sit on the fence about it.

Still, the solar panel comes with many good things and the list begins with the redesigned connectors that provide universal compatibility with any device that has a 6-volt battery. As a matter of fact, you may plug the solar panel into game feeder or digital trail camera.

The solar panel is also improved with alligator clips so that it matches earlier feeders. The performance isn’t bad at all either and the solar panel only needs few hours of sunlight to fully charge your battery. The trickle charge extends the battery life, while maintaining the risk for overheating very low.

You may use the solar panel with any Moultrie feeder that features an external power port, but keep in mind that you cannot use it with Moultrie game cameras.

The solar panel is almost maintenance free and is great for charging the battery.

Here’s the list of good things:
  • The solar panel is compatible with any device with 6-Volt battery
  • The alligator clips are improved
  • It charges fast and easy
  • It’s dependable and versatile

Here are the weak points:
  • It doesn’t come with mounting bracket
  • Even though it takes the use all year round, it kind of has a flimsy feel

For the performance and the versatility, the solar panel is a definite “yes”, but its flaws are to be considered too.

Although the Boss Buck Drum Mount Solar Panel isn’t the cheapest option out there, you may still want to pay the extra buck considering its tough build and reliable efficiency.

The solar panel comes with heavy-duty brackets that not only keep the solar panel safe, but also minimize the chances for the squirrels and raccoons get to it. The wires are therefore protected and the animals cannot damage the system.

You may easily mount the solar panel to any flat-sided control box. The build is good and the solar panel needs little to none maintenance. It’s made with polycrystalline, taking the use for a long time.

The performance is great and the panel needs only few hours of direct sunlight to fully charge a 12V battery.

It comes pre-assembled with mounting bracket and you also get the hardware you need for mounting. The wire guard is 28” long and the solar panel is easy to mount to the side of any drum.

Here’s what we like the most about the solar panel:
  • It comes with mounting bracket
  • It’s efficient and only needs few hours for charging a 12V battery
  • It’s made with polycrystalline
  • It works great and durable

The few downsides aren’t a deal breaker for us:
  • You can only mount it on the side of the drum
  • It’s not the cheapest option

Getting our ducks in a row, the solar panel is efficient, dependable and takes the use, no matter how the weather gets.