Solar Powered Bug Zappers

best solar bug zappersWe all know that bugs can really be annoying, but luckily for all of us there are plenty of solutions that can make our life a lot easier.

One choice to take a look at as it’s both effective and affordable is the solar powered bug zappers.

What are the solar powered bug zappers?

The solar powered bug zappers use electricity converted from the sunlight, through the photo voltaic cells in the device. The electricity is going to kill the bugs, keeping them at distance. Most of the models out there come with solar panel/cell on top so that it gets the maximum sunlight.

The zapper is really efficient especially when placed in a place with strong sunlight. You may find models that certify their efficiency even after the night comes, but they’re made with ultraviolet bulbs that attach to the battery.

What counts when buying?

There are some things to have in mind when shopping for a solar powered bug zapper:

  • How much sunlight is it going to be able to absorb?

The location of a solar panel is essential for a device of this type. If the device comes with the solar cells on top, it should be placed in a sunny place. The presence/absence of obstacles also counts for their power.

  • What kind of bugs are your planning to kill?

The solar powered bug zappers are going to kill mosquitoes, biting bugs and also the insects that are good for your garden. therefore, you need to know what bugs the device is going to kill and stay away from the models that don’t discriminate in their killing.

  • Why are you using it in the first place?

It’s one thing when you’re looking for a bug zapper for your garden and another thing when you go camping. A small, portable and lightweight model is better for your camping, whereas a larger model should be placed in your garden. you may also find models that are made especially for a RV so make sure you choose wisely.

  • Do you want a special design?

Some bug zappers are entirely functional and don’t have a “pleasant” appearance. but you may also find models that come with decorative shapes that become a nice detail in your garden.

One tip for the road

Not only that bug zappers come in a great variety of shapes, sizes, applications and styles, but they also vary when it comes to prices. Therefore, you should also pay attention to your wallet when buying. The more you pay, the more you\re going to get from the solar powered bug zapper, but you’re not going to end up with a lemon when going with a budget-friendly option either.

TOP 7 Solar Bug Zapper Reviews

Don’t let the size nor the price of the Solar Powered LED Light Pest Bug Zapper Insect Mosquito Killer Lamp Garden Lawn misguide you, as the bug zapper is really able to work a number on you!

The bug zapper is solar-powered and traps and kills mosquitoes and bugs. It’s easy to put together and to use as well. It’s compact, lightweight, and highly portable. You can take it outside on your patio or along with you when camping, hiking, fishing or jogging. It’s that easy.

You may also use it as an accent light to illuminate the trees and bushes. The solar-powered lights are going to automatically turn on at dusk and stop at dawn. It uses a 1.2V 1200mAh rechargeable battery.

The build doesn’t disappoint either and the bug zapper is made with tough plastic which is going to take wind, rain, ice or snow. The materials are weatherproof.

The bug zapper also features an on/off switch and it’s going to impress you with its performance.

Let’s take a look at the good things briefly:

  • It comes with a rechargeable battery and it’s solar powered
  • Its body is durable and weatherproof
  • It’s easy to put together and to install
  • It’s compact, lightweight and highly portable

The flaws are minor:

  • Not everyone thinks that the plastic is going to take the long time use
  • You can use it as a zapper OR as a lamp.

Even if the bug zapper isn’t all roses and rainbows, it’s still an affordable and reliable option to have in mind for your outdoor experiences.

The POPUD Solar Powered Bug Zapper Light, Kpest Solar Mosquito Killer Insect Killer Indoor Outdoor is a nice surprise for the money. Able to attract insects to get closer to the purple light, the zapper is going to kill them with the electricity later on.

The solar outdoor insecticidal lamp zapper has a solar panel on top and it’s going to automatically charge throughout the day. It features a rechargeable battery of 600mAh which is able to give the energy for 8 hours of running.

Made of ABS plastic, the solar bug zapper does take the outdoor use and it’s waterproof too. You may hang it on the wall or insert it on your lawn- it’s all up to you.

Easy to install, the zapper has really bright white light and UV LED. It’s really easy to put together and you don’t need any tools for it.

The dusk to dawn sensor and the metal safety frill make the bug zapper as valid choice for many shopping on a tight budget.

Here are our favs:

  • It comes with durable built-in batteries
  • It may run for 8 hours on full charge
  • It’s easy to install and to use
  • It features a dusk to dawn sensor

The parts we like less aren’t reason to back down:

  • It’s small which may not work for some
  • Not everyone trusts its killing abilities

As long as you stay focused on the goods, which are many, you should take a leap of faith with this one.

Loaded with good features and affordable, the Solar Powered Electric Bug Light Zapper- Outdoor Cordless Flying Insect Killer is going to kill flying insects really quietly. It features an improved wave band which is attractive to the outdoor flying insects (moths, flies and mosquitoes).

The bug zapper is entirely solar powered and it comes with a monocrystal solar panel that is going to charge the AA 600mAh battery. This is going to provide enough energy for 8 hours of operation. In addition, the device may work as a garden light too as it features 1 white LED and 2 purple SMD LEDs. The built-in photocell is going to turn on the machine automatically at night.

The bug zapper is entirely wireless which explains its high portability. You may hang it using the ring at the top or dig it into the ground with the included stake.

The build is good and the bug zapper is made with sturdy ABS plastic. It’s weatherproof and looks nice as well.

Easy to install and keeping various insects away from you, the solar powered bug zapper is a good addition when spending time outside.

Here’s what we like the most about it:

  • It’s completely solar powered
  • It’s lightweight and stylish
  • It comes with both hook and stake for versatile and easy installation
  • It has a good build and may run up to 8 hours

The downsides aren’t major:

  • It’s lightweight which may not be a good thing on a windy day
  • Some find its switch a bit tricky to access

All in all, as it’s reliable, portable, effective and affordable, the bug zapper is a solid choice for many.

The New & Improved Solar Powered Zapper- Enhanced Outdoor Flying Insect Killer features an improved 0.5W LED and it’s going to attract and zap the mosquitoes, flies and moths alike. The waveband is going to be really attractive for all sorts of harmful insects.

The cordless zapper works as a nice garden light as well and the white lighting looks nice on any patio. The photocell works just fine and has an automatic turn-on features. The ambient light-sensor is going to detect low light, automatically turning the light and zapper on.

The versatility adds on the list of good things as you may hang on the porch or stake it into the ground. It’s made of tough ABS plastic so it’s going to last for a good amount of time.

The bug zapper has a 1,000-mAh Ni-CD battery and high tech solar pane. The stake is rust resistant, whereas the hanger attachment is made with durable stainless steel.

Dust –proof and UV resistant, the bug zapper glows bright at night and keeps the insects at distance.

Here are our favs about it:

  • You may hang it, stake it on ground and place it where you need
  • It has automatic turn-on feature
  • It’s dust proof and UV resistant
  • It’s reliable and easy to use

The inherent flaws aren’t deal breakers:

  • It may need a couple of days in the beginning until it charges completely
  • Some doubt its killing abilities

Regardless of the minor issues, the bug zapper is still a solid and versatile option to have in mind for the outdoors.

Presenting an IP65 weatherproof grade, the BATTOP Solar LED Outdoor Mosquito Killer Lamp Larger Bug Zapper Light Whole Night Protect has a large solar panel and good battery inside. This is why it’s able to work all night long (8 hours or so).

The bug zapper is easy to set up and features an auto switch on at dust/auto shut off in daylight. It also has 4LEDs that are going to emit UV light, attracting flies, mosquitoes, bugs and various insects.

The list of good things continues with the USB charging cable which eliminates your worries on the rainy days when the solar panel isn’t going to get enough sunlight.

The design is well thought out and the bug zapper is easy to use. It comes with a ground stake (2 section type) and 2 expansion bolts (in case you want to go with wall installation).

The green energy electric mosquito repellent light works silently and efficiently, without leading to any fumes, chemicals or spray.

Here are the main good things:

  • The bug zapper may be installed on wall or in ground
  • It comes with USB cable for the rainy days
  • It eliminates various insects\
  • It may run for 8 hours

You shouldn’t make a drama out of the minor flaws:

  • The light isn’t very bright
  • It kills bugs better than it kills mosquitoes, according to some

Having said that, it’s better to keep in mind that the bug zapper isn’t just easy to use or solar powered, but also versatile and dependable, which should seal the deal for many.

The SOLARMKS Solar Mosquito Zapper, Outdoor Solar Powered Insect Killer doesn’t stand out from the crowd with the UV light technology, but with its ease of use and design.

The bug zapper is really safe to use as the light is covered by plastic double-layer and has a reticulated shell structure. Its installation is a breeze and you can go with both wall or ground mount.

The versatility continues with the duo charging mode. You may charge it through the USB port and expose the solar panel to the sunlight on a sunny day.

Cleaning the device is also easy, but it’s better that you wait 15 minutes after turning it off. A brush for cleaning the dead insects out is more than enough.

The device also features 4LED 5mm UV lights and has automatic turn on/off function. It needs 6-8 hours for charging and runs 8-10 hours on a full charge.

You may use it in your house, garden and all sorts of outdoor places.

Our list of good things looks like this:

  • It comes with solar panel and USB port
  • It’s well made and safe to use
  • It’s easy to clean and to install
  • It’s versatile and portable

The minor downsides aren’t deal breakers:

  • The light isn’t very bright
  • Some expected better results

Loaded with good things and presenting only some minor negatives, the bug zapper isn’t far from checking all quality boxes.

Designed to attract and entrap flies, mosquitoes and various flying insects, the Sandalwood NK63 Solar-Powered UV Bug Zapper brings plenty of good things to the table.

The bug zapper has a built-in solar panel, but also come with an UL charger, for more versatility. Truth be told, when it comes to versatility, this bug zapper sure doesn’t mess around as it comes with both hanging string (for a balcony use) and a stake (when you place it in your garden).

The bug zapper features a high performing 6V/170mA poly-crystalline silicon solar panel which is going to store the energy all day long. It also come with a rechargeable Li battery so you may also use direct charging with the included wall charger. The bug zapper is going to run for up to 15 hours on a full charge.  When you’re using it as a lamp, it’s going to work as a lamp for 30 hours. And it can work as a lamp because it comes with 8 bright LED bulbs which ensure a nice light for your patio, garden or walkway.

The design is well thought out and the bug zapper comes with a trash on the bottom. You need to clean it once a week.

Small, portable and quiet, the bug zapper has a 3000 sq. cover range.

Let’s see the best parts about it:

  • It’s small, portable and versatile
  • You may hang it or install it with a stake
  • It comes with a Li battery too
  • It traps and kills mosquitoes, insects and flies

The downsides aren’t major:

  • It doesn’t kill wasps
  • Some notice it has completely dark until it starts working

All in all, the solar powered bug zapper is effective, portable, versatile and small so you should give it a chance. And let’s not forget that it can work also as a lamp.