Best Solar Watches

Solar Watches Reviews

Even though there are so many of us complaining about the downsides of new technology, we do have to put it out there: there are so many great things it brings though, which balance a bit the reality.

One of the good things that technology today gives us is the solar watches that presents many good things, whereas the inherent downsides aren’t such a fuss for us at all.

It’s time to get a solar watch!

A solar watch is eco-friendly and needs little to none maintenance- why wouldn’t you want that in your like?

The solar watch comes with a built-in small solar panel that sucks sunlight, transforming it into electrical energy. It presents rechargeable cells that store energy, sustaining the continuous use. It may come with an independent solar panel, if you’re willing to pay the extra buck.

Another thing we really like on solar watches is that they come with many features, becoming versatile and dependable for so many situations. You may find a great diversity of shapes, sizes and prices, so finding the perfect one isn’t “mission impossible” at all.

Keep this in mind also!

A solar watch is still a watch, which is why it’s important to follow some tips when using one.

For instance, don’t expose it to heat for too long, but make sure it gets enough sunlight so it charges efficiently.

Make sure you do some reading before using a solar watch, as you do want it to last for quite some time.


TOP 5 Solar Watches Reviews

1).  When it comes to the Casio Men’s Solar Sport Combination Watch, don’t let its low price misguide you, as the watch sure is reliable and well made.

The watch is made with resin, taking the use for quite some time. It has the right size for a medium/large wrist and comes with many good things attached to it.

It’s a tough solar watch that takes a splash, as it’s 100 M water resistant. It’s easy to read even at night since it features LED light with afterglow. The neo-bright luminous hands and markers make it a dependable watch even after sunset.

The list of functions isn’t short at all: 5 daily alarms, 2 countdown timers, full auto calendar, hourly time signal, and 1/100 second digital stopwatch. The watch also includes a battery power indicator and power saving function.

As it presents a multi-lingual day of week display (English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Italian), the watch is versatile and usable in many countries.

The list of good things continues with the button operation tone on/off.

There is no tick/tack sound on the watch and no batteries to replace. The watch has a good design and the diagrams are readable.

Let’s pinpoint the most important pros:
  • The watch has a good build and a nice size for a medium/large wrist
  • It comes with many good functions
  • It features LED light with Afterglow
  • It’s tough and reliable

The downsides aren’t deal breakers for us:
  • The alarm sound is a bit low and short
  • The digital display could be bigger

All in all, considering the price, we’d say you definitely don’t end up with a lemon, as the watch is tough, readable and dependable.

2).  If you’re not for the sophisticated watch, but would rather get a simple, cluster-free solar watch, put your trust and faith into a watch like the Citizen Men’s BM8180-03E Eco-Drive Analog Japanese Quartz Green Watch.

The watch is made with stainless steel and has a good build, taking a good beating. It features a round black dial and its Japanese-quartz movement that charges using natural or indoor light.

Not only the watch never needs battery, but also it’s also quiet, except for the alarms.

The design is simple, yet efficient and the watch features a date window and stitches canvas band. Even though you may need to give some time to the canvas band to break in as it’s stiff right out of the box, it gets softer and more comfortable the longer you wear the watch.

The crystal dial window is nice, combining so well with the textured crown, analog display, and the buckle closure.

We also notice on the watch the luminous hands, the simple Arabic numerals and the patterned stitching on the woven green strap.

You may use the watch for snorkeling, swimming, as it’s water resistant to 330 ft. it doesn’t handle diving, though.

Even though it may not be the most sophisticated solar watch out there, we still like it for its simple design and solid finish. The watch is a good value for the money and may serve you well for quite some time.

Listing the most important pros:
  • The stainless steel watch is water resistant up to 330ft.
  • It’s simple, clean and reliable
  • It charges by natural or indoor light
  • It presents plenty of good things

The flaws relate mostly to the canvas band:
  • The canvas band is stiff right out of the box
  • Some think the band runs a bit short

As you can see, we like the watch for many things, which is why you should give it a try, especially if you’re into the simple, yet reliable solar watches.

3).  When you want your solar watch to be a bit more than just a reliable watch, put your money at stake with the Casio Men’s GW-9400-1CR Master of G Digital Quartz Black Solar Watch.

The multi-band watch presents an impressive build as it’s shock resistant, taking a drop. It includes triple sensor so you may use altimeter/barometer, thermometer, and compass also. The list of functions includes 1/10-second stop watch, auto LED, four alarms, Mb6 atomic time keeping, sunrise and sunset date, and time stamp. The list continues with a battery level indicator and power saving function.

The metal buttons are easy to push and feel great. The watch has a good weight and feels comfortable. The display is quite user-friendly and the LED is bright.

The barometer function is accurate when you’re stationary and the altimeter is precise. The same goes for the compass.

The watch is mud resistant due to the case and buttons that are sealed to keep mud, dirt and dust at distance. Additionally, the watch is also 660ft. water resistant and even takes a drop from 32ft.

Don’t worry about using the watch at night as it features full Auto LED backlight with afterglow.

The battery works for 7 months on full charger and is made to last for 10 years.

The black resin band looks elegant, whereas the red details on the side button improve its appearance. The black face completes the nice design on the watch.

The tough solar watch isn’t just reliable or precise, but also looks nice and…doesn’t come with a high price.

Let’s list the main pros:
  • The watch is shock resistant and water resistant up to 660ft.
  • It includes triple sensor (altimeter/barometer, compass and thermometer)
  • It’s well made and dust/mud resistant
  • It looks elegant and it’s accurate

For the customer that really wants the downsides:
  • Some may need a learning curve for operating all the functions
  • The thermometer doesn’t read temperature

All in all, for the reliable performance, nice appearance and good price, the watch sure does bring a lot to the table and a bit more than expected.

4).  The more you’re willing to pay for your solar watch, the more you may expect from it when it comes to lifespan or appearance. The Tissot Men’s T091.420.46.061.00 ‘T Touch Expert’ Black Dial Solar Tony Park perfectly fits the picture and if you’re a collector, you’ll find it very difficult to resist to it.

The T-Touch solar watch is part of the Tony Parker Limited Edition so it comes with a serial number. The solar black analog digital watch features a black leather strap and stands out with its elegant look.

The digital sub-dial is multi-function, but it’s quite easy to operate the functions. The watch presents solar quartz movement and everything about its build leaves a durability feel.

The solar watch features a long lasting sapphire crystal that is scratch resistant and fixed black PVD coated titanium bezel. On the black dial, you may notice the luminous hands and index hour markers. The minute markers around the outer rim look nice and are useful.

The perpetual calendar, the pull/push crown add up to the list of features. The watch provides so many reliable functions: world time, alarm, date, day, GMT, hour, minute, second, chronograph, thermometer, barometer, compass, and altitude indicator. All functions are accurate and the watch doesn’t disappoint.

The list continues with some additional info: split time, stop watch, and touch screen.

The watch looks solid, but feels lightweight and comfortable. Its clean look and impressive list of functions make it a good investment of your money.

Let’s highlight the most important pros:
  • The watch is Swiss made
  • It comes with numerous functions, but it’s easy to operate
  • It’s well made and has a great look
  • It’s lightweight and comfortable

Bells and whistles aside, here are our cons:
  • It may fit a wrist up to 8 and ½ inches wide
  • It’s not quite a cheap watch

As long as you get to understand you’re paying for a nice looking, Swiss made watch that offers so many functions, the price and minor issues shouldn’t be a problem for you.

5).  If you’re ready to step up your game and get in the high-end area of solar watches, put your trust and faith (and a bit more than the extra buck) in a watch like the Men’s Seiko Astron GPS Solar World Time Black Titanium Watch SSE089.

The watch impresses with its high quality materials and impeccable performance so you’re never later (unless you typically run late, which you can’t blame it on the watch).

The Seiko solar watch includes a GPS controlled time and time zone adjustment (40 time zones). It includes many functions and some of them are perpetual day, date calendar correct to the year 2100. It also indicates Daylight savings time function and comes with a power save function as well. It’s very accurate in functions and syncs to satellite instantly.

When it comes to the build, there are no comments to make. The watch comes with Titanium case and Titanium bracelet so it takes the intense use, for quite some time. The design fits the build and is clean, cluster-free and so efficient.

The black dial is elegant, matching the high quality materials. The watch is water resistant up to 330 ft. and its black finish completes the elegant appearance.

The anti-reflective coating extends the life span of the watch. The watch feels comfortable and lightweight, even though it’s made with Titanium.

The impressive design, the accuracy on so many levels and the durability of the watch may seal the deal for many watch collectors.

Here are some of the best features:
  • The watch is made with Titanium case and Titanium bracelet
  • It syncs to satellite within seconds and it’s very accurate
  • It’s lightweight and comfortable
  • It’s reliable and looks amazing

We don’t really want to be negative, but here are some minor flaws:
  • You do need to read the manual for understanding all the functions
  • Are you ready to pay the extra buck for it?

Nevertheless, for the amazing materials, accuracy and elegant appearance, you should consider the watch as one of your wisest investments ever to be made.