Using Outdoor Solar Lights Around Your House

We all know about solar lights for few decades now and even if they’re not as cool as some other gadgets out there, they did manage to become a dependable choice in many situations.

If you’re thinking about the big fancy solar panels to use the solar energy, don’t. you may very well use some small solar lanterns with very small solar panels attached and call it a day.

In case you’re wondering how and why you ought to use solar lights around your house, scroll down to check some of the good things they bring to the table.

  1. They’re echo-friendly

Cost-effective lighting brings benefits to the environment. When using solar lights, you’re actually fighting against the hole in the o-zone layers.

You also don’t use the state’s utility grid, lowering the energy costs. Let’s not forget that solar-powered units only light up when it’s gloomy enough so you don’t have to worry about wasting the energy. There are many solar lights that come with automatic feature which means they turn on at dusk and off in the morning, when the sun comes up.

  1. They’re not expensive

We all know it pains us so much when it comes to paying the electricity bill (but gas bill may give you the same reaction). And it’s not that things are going to get better any time soon either. By contrary, a monthly electric bill for an American residence was somewhere around $115 in 2014, whereas a year before it was only around $110.  Let’s not mention the bill in Hawaii as you may go insane; it’s somewhere around $190 a month.

You don’t need to use the solar lamps only for the outdoors, but for indoors as well. There are many gadgets out there that use solar power and you should try them when in need.

Solar power gives us cleaner, more sustainable electricity and many give up on the idea of going solar due to the costs of solar panels. But this doesn’t have to let you down as solar lighting pays up in time.

  1. They illuminate a risky walkway

No matter how familiar the pathway in our yard may be, we may still slip off and injure ourselves when walking at night. It’s not like we could lose our life because of that, but. Better safe than sorry, right?

This is why some strategically placed solar lights on your walkways or patios can mean the word for your comfort at night. Solar lights are a great method to increase the safety of your yard at night.

  1. They keep thieves at distance

Gone are the days when you’d find solar lights only as lanterns to edge your plant pots. The market gives you today a great variety of security lights, from the small wireless units to the useful floodlights.

If your garden is large or you want to protects some pricey equipment in a garage, or if you simply want to know when someone approaches your gates, you should definitely go with some solar lights.

Not only your friends coming over are going to like the solar lights on the pathways, but you’re also going to feel a lot safer too.

Don’t forget that your security solar lights may come with motion sensors so that the lights turn on (and stay on for a couple of seconds) only someone is approaching.

  1. You recognize your home easier

The moment you’re installing some blue lights on your gates is the moment when your house becomes easier to identify in your neighborhood. It’s easier to tell your friends how your house looks like, but can they do it easier at night?

Let’s not forget the parts when you’re trying to explain the cab driver which one is your house.

Take advantage of all the variety that solar lights bring to the table and get an interesting pattern of solar lamps by your doors/gates. Choose a striking solar lantern near the mailbox or use some other solar powered décor to make your home stand out from the crowd.

  1. They’re safe in case of blackouts

Severe storm may bring a lot of damage, but also some blackouts. If you’re living in a zone where the risk for severe storms is quite high, you may want to play it safe and get some solar lights for the emergencies and to get some solar powered survival gadgets too.

When we take a look at the numbers around the world, we definitely realize it’s time to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. A while ago, 80% of Pakistan (which is around 140 million people) had to deal with darkness after a powerful explosion that damaged a transmission line. In 2012, India had the most damaging power outage ever, leaving around 700milion residents with no electricity.

Let’s not forget to mention the 161,000 citizens in Washington city that were left with no power for almost a week because of an ice storm.

Sure enough, you may use candles and oil lamps in situations like this, but the risk for your safety is higher than in case of solar lighting. Both candles and oil lamps present high risk for fire, whereas solar lights aren’t just much safer, but also more versatile and highly portable.

  1. No more electrical wires

The best part about solar lights outdoors is that you actually see where you’re walking, but the most annoying part is the power cables that have to be in our way, sooner or later. Not to mention about the trip-hazard of the power cables or the part they get chewed through some animals (or even your own pet). As for the wet weather, do we really need to mention the risk of that also?

When you’re using solar lights, you don’t need to worry about all of these risks anymore.

  1. The waterproofness

Most of the solar lights out there are made of materials and have a built that handles the bad weather or a great range of temperatures. Solar lights work even when it’s raining and you there’s snow, as long as they got enough sunlight during the day (that’s the tricky part, in fact).

You may add some protection to your solar light by placing them behind glass or use some protective housing, but you need to check the solar panel too. It may not get the best sunlight exposure when placed behind some glass, charging slower than usual.

  1. Pools, ponds and any other corner of your yard

You may find great models of solar lighting when you want to draw attention to your swimming pool or ponds.

Apart from the aesthetic reasons, you may also minimize the risk for accidentally falling in the pool/pond when installing some floating solar lights. Do you know that from 2005 to 2009, more than 3,500 people dies from unintentional drownings?

Let’s not forget that installing conventional lights by your pool is a lot more expensive than some solar lights and you may want to keep this in mind too.

  1. Finally, some light for the keyholes!

The diversity of solar lights is impressive and there are so many gadgets out there that are solar powered and make your life a lot easier.

Have you ever find yourself, all tired and worked up from work, in front of your door and…got frustrated by not being able to get the key in the slot, simply because you couldn’t see it?

Well, take a deep breath and spread the word: you may now mount some tiny solar lights right above the keyhole so you no longer have to try a zillion times until the key actually gets into the slot!

The conclusion

The benefits of solar lights and solar powered gadgets around the house are plenty, and even all solar gadgets and lights come with a twist (they all need some sort of sun light, more or less), there are still so many reasons for you not to give it a second thought!